Ways We Use to Attract More Open House Guests

Ways We Use to Attract More Open House Guests

  • Jamie Boer Homes
  • 04/6/23

If you are planning to sell a luxury home in the Indiana real estate market, chances are you have heard of an open house. A real estate open house occurs when your realtor plans and schedules a specific block of time for your home to be available for viewing. This strategy is a great way to draw in more potential buyers. Open houses are often used in addition to individual showings of your home. For an open house to be successful, however, realtors use a variety of strategies to entice buyers to stop by. Read on for some successful ways realtors increase traffic in open houses.

Provide food and drink

Increasingly, realtors are providing food and drink options for guests to enjoy as they tour an open house. Here are some unique ways to do this:

Home features

Some popular food ideas for an open house involve pairing the offerings with the specific features of the home itself. For example, if your home houses an incredible wine cellar, then hosting a wine tasting for guests would be the perfect way to showcase it. If you have a spacious outdoor kitchen, highlight the wood-fired oven by serving freshly grilled flatbreads with a variety of toppings for buyers to sample. For homes including a gazebo, swimming pool, or boat dock, maybe your open house could provide glasses of champagne for guests to sip as they step outside for a backyard stroll through the property.

Community pairings

Another way real estate professionals bring guests to your open house is by connecting with local businesses. Not only is this a way to support a favorite restaurant or small business, but it also showcases the services that will be readily available to homeowners. For example, your real estate agent may enlist a local coffee shop to offer their signature roasts and pastries for guests to enjoy as they peruse your spacious kitchen. Your realtor may also suggest a catered event with a signature cocktail and tasty appetizers. Guests will not only appreciate the sheer elegance of your home, but they may start to envision hosting their own parties and events there too.

Marketing campaign

A clear and professional marketing campaign is also essential to draw in potential buyers to an open house. Here is how to advertise an open house to attract more guests.

Professional approach

Your realtor should be securing the services of professional photographers to capture the beauty of your luxury home. As most buyers begin their search for a new home online, the use of professional photographs will provide them with a lasting and memorable first impression. In addition, these photographs will be used for other advertising means, including social media platforms, direct mailers, door hangers, and print magazines. Your realtor may also recommend staging your home prior to the open house. Thoughtful staging highlights the strengths and unique features of each room and shows buyers how the spaces could work for their lifestyles. Removing any personal touches also allows buyers to see themselves living in the home as well.


Your realtor will also have a specific plan in mind for scheduling your open house. The date and times will be set sufficiently far ahead to allow potential buyers room to plan their visit accordingly. Your realtor may also recommend sending personal invitations to specific buyers with demonstrated interest. Your realtor may contact fellow luxury brokers to ensure even more clients know about the open house. Positive first impressions are critical, so your realtor may recommend specific updates or changes to boost curb appeal. On the day of your open house, your real estate team will carefully place signs in the community and neighborhood so that guests can easily find your home.

Make it special

To further set your open house apart, your realtor may suggest a theme or plan an event. Open house themes or events may vary based on home features and locations and offer potential buyers an unforgettable experience.


Your luxury home will have unique and distinguishing features setting it apart from other houses in the area. Your realtor may suggest a theme that fits both the style of your home and exactly where your home is located. For example, if your home has its own boat launch, perhaps a nautical theme complete with representatives of the Indianapolis Sailing Club will be in order. Consider whether your luxury home has details that could be connected to the food and drink offerings also. For example, homes reminiscent of New England would pair well with cups of clam chowder or a variety of delicious teas to choose from. If your home boasts an expansive swimming pool and backyard, then encourage guests to linger poolside with sliders and samples from the local brewpub.


Another way to boost attendance at an open house is to turn it into an event that potential buyers will not want to miss. These are made especially memorable with individual invitations that speak to the exclusivity of the event. For example, if you are passionate about art, your realtor may be able to connect with a local gallery about hosting an artist or gallery-wide showing. Not only will potential buyers connect this luxury to your home, but they may be inclined to purchase new artwork for themselves too. If you want to highlight your incredible waterfront location, your realtor may want to bring in a local band to encourage buyers to step outside. For that personal touch? Provide a valet service for buyers to receive the red-carpet treatment from the moment they arrive.

Hosting an open house is a great way to attract more buyers for your luxury home. Providing food and drink options, presenting a clear marketing campaign, and planning a theme or event highlighting your home’s special features are some of the suggestions your real estate professional may offer as you move forward. If you would like to know even more ways your realtor will sell your home, contact Jamie Boer and her real estate team. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure a successful home sale. When you are ready to start the process, contact The Jamie Boer Homes Team | Compass today.

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