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The housing market in Geist is marked by intense competition. As of last month, the median sale price for a home in Geist reached $485K, a 3.2% increase compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the median sale price per square foot in Geist has risen to $153, reflecting a 5.2% increase since last year.


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As of May 2023, Geist's housing market is showing signs of growth. Compared to last year, home prices rose by 3.2%, with homes selling at a median price of $485K. In terms of turnover, homes in Geist are on the market for about 8 days before they sell, a slight increase compared to the 3-day average last year. Interestingly, the number of homes sold in May has remained consistent with the previous year, with 40 homes sold in both instances.

The housing market in Geist is extremely competitive. On average, homes are sold within a week, and it's very common for many properties to receive multiple offers, some even with contingencies waived. Standard homes tend to sell for roughly 1% below the list price and can go pending for a week. However, the highly sought-after 'hot homes' can command prices around 2% above their list price and often go pending in as short as 4 days.

Indeed, Geist, IN is a wonderful place to live. The town provides its residents with a cost-effective lifestyle, bolstered by high-quality public education and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Housing in Geist caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets, with options varying from more affordable homes to premium, upscale accommodations. In essence, Geist has something to offer everyone.

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